Some ongoing discussions

Is this highly informative, entertaining and useful ongoing discussion about Steiner (i.e. Anthroposophical) education the longest continuous one in the world? Conducted in the main between UK people it does contain occasional rants and expletives so wear your hard hat when reading. The link will display newest posts first, there’s a ‘flip’ option on the menu bar there to display it from the beginning if you prefer.

If you prefer academic discourse then search for any thread by historian Peter Staudenmaier over on the Waldorf critics forum . Peter, en route to his doctorate, has used primary sources of evidence such as Nazi archives, pamphlets and other texts to elucidate the complex relationship between the Anthroposophy movement and the Nazis. I rather like this post by him because it looks at factions within the Nazi state apparatus that were opposed to Anthroposophy whereas Peter’s research has more often revealed the cosier side of the Anthroposophy/Nazi relationship. Even so, the post linked to will not be comfortable reading for Anthroposophists.

How about some downright weird (as in very strange) Anthroposophical discussions? Well, look no further than this Anthroposophical discussion list. Here’s a very recent post typical of the kind you’re likely to come across on the forum.

Biodynamics keeps cropping up recently. It’s not all muck and nonsense, is it? Well, the website forum I had in mind to show that it is seems to be down as I write this post and so, instead, I found this entertaining article about biodynamic wine for you, November 2008 vintage. Very dry. EDIT Feb 2019 Sad to say, that biodynamics link is no more