Heir apparent supports Anthroposophy

We’re suckers for a royal story here in UK and so in a sad and desperate attempt at boosting blog visits here’s a right proper royal one for you.

HRH Prince Charles is admired by the Anthroposophy movement and the feeling is mutual – long circulating rumours of his support of biodynamics and Anthroposophical medicine can be shown to have substance.

HRH’s support of biodynamics is easily confirmed and, perhaps, even a bit old hat as news these days but anyway here’s some online proof for readers and further confirmation here (Edit Feb 2012: link is now defunct for some reason) but as yet the Anthroposophical medical connection can only be shown indirectly through one of HRH’s charities, the Foundation for Integrated Health, a CAM organisation (CAM being the common shorthand for complementary and alternative medicine). (Edit Feb 2012: since this post appeared the Foundation for Integrated Health has ceased to exist, reason being accountancy irregularities)

An Anthroposophical doctor, Dr Peter Gruenewald (aka Dr Peter Grünewald in former times) mentions here (edit January 2012: this is no longer mentioned on the website) that he is a GP Associate of the Foundation for Integrated Health. Dr Gruenewald was formerly a trustee of the Anthroposophical Association Limited, the workhorse of the UK’s national body for Anthroposophy, the Anthroposophical Society in Great Britain. I’ll post more about Dr Gruenewald and Anthroposophical medicine at a later date but to finish this royal story off here’s a wonderful pic of Steiner and Annie Besant in full on regal or wannabe-Imperial pose. This picture portrait was taken at a time when Steiner was still a member of the Theosophical Society, Besant was then its leader.