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A List of all posts

Here’s a list of all blog posts, admin notices excluded. They’re mostly in order of posting, newest at the top. As of May 2019 the Free Schools(5b) post is unavailable and its content incorporated into (5a). The (5a) post has been had a major facelift and now includes the esentials of (5b)

For blog pages you should check the ‘Articles and Research’ area of the blog – it has some weighty/lengthy posts mostly to do with my research into the UK Anthroposophy movement and it also contains the reading list for the now defunct Plymouth Steiner BA course.

The Cult of Steiner

Steiner Schools Crisis – a Timeline

A rattled SWSF sends FoI requests to Ofsted & DfE, urges followers to modernise

Ofsted Steiner Inspections: a Review

Support French Steiner critic Grégoire Perra

You can’t keep a good blog down

Free Schools(5b) – Steiner’s ‘Study of Man’, a blueprint for Anthroposophical education no longer available, content absorbed into Free Schools (5a)

Free Schools(5a) – Steiner School Recognition, Accreditation & Steiner’s ‘Study of Man’ rewritten May 2019

Fullfledge Ecology School Suffolk – a teacher’s view

Free Schools(4) – Absurdly normal

Free Schools(3)

Free Schools(2)

Free Schools(1)

Odds & Sods(2)

Anthroposophical doctor prescribed quack medicine to Camphill clients

Odds & Sods(1)

Steiner racism & state funding – Tories offer SWSF lessons on spin

Anthroposophy’s favoured UK Pension Scheme Hits the Skids

Four Steiner Schools close in a month, more closures anticipated

Recorded Anthroposophical Organisations, updated log

Anthroposophy UK – a summary of research findings, 2009

SWSF seminar to hear Tory explain ‘state funding opportunities for Steiner schools’

Anthroposophists – do they get their just deserts?

Plymouth University Axes Steiner BA Degree Course

Raphael Steiner School closes

Michael House School – dangerous in 2007 and financially failing for years

Prominent SWSF school ripped-off by its own bursar

Am I bovvered?

Anthroposophical doctors and state funding

Some ongoing discussions – an update

Some ongoing discussions

St Pauls Steiner School, London – findings of a Charity Commission Inquiry

Heir apparent supports Anthroposophy

Directorship overlaps between UK Anthroposophical organisations – latest map

New edition of Ahern study

Steiner education = Anthroposophical education, official

Well, it’s one way to keep warm isn’t it….

Cambridge Steiner School – How Safe Is It?

SWSF PR Disaster, Emergency Aid Sought From Europe

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