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Support French Steiner critic Grégoire Perra

(Update July 10th 2019: Grégoire defended himself successfully and is now seeking damages.)

A former Steiner Waldorf teacher turned whistleblower has been targeted by Anthroposophists via legal complaints. Grégoire Perra faces not one but three such complaints concerning his accounts of the shoddy goings on in the French Waldorf school circuit. He has already faced one such legal complaint and won. Grégoire has estimated the costs to defend himself will run to around £11,500. As he’s not at all a wealthy man Grégoire is asking for support via crowdfunding.

As you can see from his blog, Grégoire’s prose is thoughtful, reflective stuff. He’s still a couple of grand short of reaching the crowdfunding target so please help out if you can, every little helps. Here’s the crowdfunding link and the link’s also been added to the Blogroll for the duration.

Bon chance Grégoire!

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  1. yogazeal yogazeal September 14, 2022

    As you report, . . . Grégoire was a “former Steiner Waldorf teacher” . . . and student as a young man. You go on: “Grégoire’s prose is thoughtful, reflective stuff.”
    Considering the state of most writing today, that alone is powerful praise of the Steiner Waldorf educational system.

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