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I’m still testing this page out to see how the blog can best be used to organise the information it will contain.

It’ll probably end up by subdividing the links on the page into two or three categories – one group for my own research findings into the UK Anthroposophy movement and articles about the movement , one for other published research and articles about Anthroposophy/Steiner, and a third general purpose one for everything else Steiner/Anthroposophy related that might be of use or interest to readers of this blog.  Meanwhile here’s a few samplers for readers. The full version of a first phase of research into the UK Anthroposophy movement has been added (Aug 2009) to the blog and can be downloaded as a pdf  via a Boxnet widget (in the sidebar right of screen on most pages).

CHASE, the Obituary (hankies at the ready…)

Recorded UK Anthroposophical Organisations (updated list of recorded organisations)

Anthroposophy UK, a summary of research to date (same data as in a previously published version, text slightly amended)

Defining Anthroposophical Organisations (the operational definitions used in researching the Anthroposophy movement)

University of Plymouth’s Steiner Waldorf BA Reading Lists (list of texts of recommended student reading)


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