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Me? Grouchy miserable old git and retired drop-out currently trying to learn how to keep bees without randomly killing them.

Philosophy? Alan Sillitoe probably has it best:

“I’m me and nobody else; and whatever people think I am or say I am,

that’s what I’m not, because they don’t know a bloody thing about me.”


Should you ever want to get in touch, as long as it is Steiner/Anthroposophy related, please feel free to do so. Bear in mind I’m Steiner critical though! I do have some training as a counsellor and a lot of experience in supporting, for example, abuse survivors so you can discuss absolutely anything you like with me, there’ll be no judging and no disclosure to third parties, confidentiality is assured. Contact me via ukanthroposophy at gmail.com.


Mike Collins, February 2019

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