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Blog Changes

Well, it’s been a long time since I’ve posted anything here on the blog, my apologies to you for that but it couldn’t be helped.

So, having had ongoing on-off technical glitches with the blog I decided to take it offline to try and fix it. This also gave me time to rethink the blog in terms of how (or even if) it it could best serve my two basic aims of raising awareness as to the nature of Anthroposophy and, secondly, to have the Anthroposophy movement clarify its position regarding Steiner’s racism. At one point I was considering moving to Substack but after mulling things over I’ve decided to stay put, at least for now. And here we are! The glitches have mostly gone but please be aware I’m still tinkering with the site layout so there may be weird things going on for a while yet. Not as weird as Steiner belief though ha ha.

Oh yes, should add that the ‘Odds & Sods’ style posts are now a thing of the past, single item newsy posts will replace them. Also, many of the longer posts which currently sit on their own pages e.g. research results will probably end up as downloadable pdf docs. Still thinking on that.


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