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New layout for the blog

For many years now this blog has carried lengthier, expansive, analytical posts and pages, the aim being to raise awareness of Steiner belief. The site was designed with that kind of content in mind and it will definitely continue to publish in-depth reads. The design, though, had become clunky and needed a refurb to meet changed times. What I was needing was a more newsy, magazine flavoured site where smaller, punchier posts would sit happily amongst the other content.

So, we have a new layout for the blog along with a Twitter feed and better ease of use for mobile/smart phone visitors. There’s still a lot to do but now that the basics are in place I’m happy to open up again and start posting. Any tweaks to what we have now can be done on the fly, the site should remain open for a good long while yet. One thing I’m going to have to do is use assign all posts a category or tag or whatever they’re called so that visitors can find topics of interest the more easily. As things stand the search bar is good at finding stuff you might be looking for. If you find any glitches on the site or have any suggestions for it you can tweet me @UKAnthroposophy, email (see ‘About’ page) or add a comment below.

As I’ve hidden the baked in footer credit for it, I should add that the layout is a modified version of ‘Mission News’ a free WordPress theme authored by Ben Sibley. I removed the credit as it wasted space and threw the design balance a bit. The theme is aimed squarely at magazine/newspaper style blogs, perfect for my needs. The name of the theme fits too, given that I’m on a mission to challenge and expose the racism, pseudoscience and general awfulness of Steiner belief – and that Anthroposophists are also on a mission, in the religious sense of the word, something the blog’s new strapline implies.

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  1. Anonymous Anonymous May 18, 2021

    New layout looks great 😀

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