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The blog is now a standalone website with no adverts.

Please adjust your links and bear with me whilst I tidy a heck of a lot of stuff up, thanks!

May 12th 2019: Twitter account opened, first tweets out. Free Schools 5a and b still offline whilst  being edited.

May 6th 2019: first new post since the hiatus is now up, still editing others.

April 14th 2019: Still working on the offline posts.

March 14th 2019: Distracted by updating ‘Steiner schools=Anthroposophical schools” which joins Free Schools 5(a) and 5(b) offline.

March 7th 2019: Only two more posts to check, the Free Schools 5(a) and Free Schools5(b) ones, both are offline whilst being reworked.

March 3rd & 4th 2019: Major rewrite of Steiner schools=Anthroposophical schools completed, Anthroposophical doctors & state funding post edited/tweaked.

March 1st 2019: Still working on a couple of hidden posts.

February 25th 2019: The ‘Steiner education = Anthroposophical education’ post is temporarily hidden whilst I update it in line with the dissembling SWSF FAQ. Slowly working through the other posts, checking links and replacing images etc.

February 21st 2019: Illustrations for some articles were lost in the blog’s transition to a standalone site. This is being sorted out. The Post ‘Steiner’s ‘Study of Man – a blueprint for Anthroposophical education’ is temporarily removed. It was accurate enough but it just didn’t work as a piece so I’m going to have to rewrite it. The Boxnet widget for downloads also disappeared, switched to the Download Monitor plugin instead.

February 17th 2019: Refreshed the blogroll, ‘About me’ and contact info.

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