New edition of Ahern study

There’s a new and revised edition of Ahern’s ‘Sun at Midnight’ on the horizon. Due out early May 2009 it is, according to the publisher’s blurb, still “the standard critical work on the Anthroposophical movement”. The original – more a comparative religious study than a critique – has long been out of print but is essential reading for anybody taking an interest in Steiner and the Anthroposophy movement and so a new edition is most welcome. I look forward to reading the updated text and will post a review of it here on the blog.

2 thoughts on “New edition of Ahern study

  1. Just a note. I just picked this book up from Amazon. It’s a mandatory read for anyone considering Waldorf education for their children. It’s got a great index.

    I won’t get to read it until my week at the cabin June 13. I can’t wait.

  2. My order hasn’t arrived as yet, hoping to hear from the bookshop soon though.
    The delay’s good news in a way, it’s leaving me time to get on with other things!

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